theses paintings are alive changing colour through the day . sun light changing it moods and life form its  a magical thing to watch IMG_9115 IMG_9118

15 Replies to “pigments making planets”

    1. hi this is not false oil on glass with the sun light changing its life form through the day theses paintings are alive . thanks for the comment its just what i needed explain to everyone its a living painting . nice one mark


      1. I meant that they reminded me of the photographs taken by NASA. They add colors so that non-astronomers can understand the interplay of different substances in space-related phenomena. And yes, your work is very much alive, even though I cannot directly view them in their original context.


      2. am very sorry i took it wrong . but i understand why now. but never knew this i always trying to paint space like nasa am gutted now ahahaha sorry mark would send you a painting so you can see for your self how they move through the day thank you again for explaining this to me


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