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artist from salford university  yes iv finnish the course and now hold a B A Hon s in art but this bit of paper do not make my work any more beautiful then they are these academic  fields of colour collected from all past and presents explores in the search for the human codes that we hold each of us being different holds other codes. colour alone as a telepathic language  using this and the waves from mood s and other people around me in the studio  . connect and collect from the spiritual side of the art world this muilty vise and dimensions  the paint holds   my paintings are about  energy  iv progressed very rapidly with the help of all the staff here my experience was fantastic

i use oil paint not the acrylic type this has no life .

i feel that the oil i use comes to life when painting . iv been painting many years now and still have mutch to learn about paint but i no this much acrylic carnt do or act the same as real oil .the real  carrys energy and in the rihgt hands produces the best feeling ever

iv been doing 12 hour a day in the studio .and when i get home i read art my life is art its all i know studying brush stroks for years with a magnify glass with this urge to crate the best art in the world . after seeing wats out there  this maybe impossible but that carnt stop me now iv got the bug i need to release my inner feelings on to the canvas

energy painting or the best email me for more info on purchase   marktoner1@hotmail.co.uk

when painting my moods change from day to day so have no idea what coming next iv have a massive range of brush strokes and studied colour internationally .and subconsciously intertwined the spiritual side of paint and delivered it to you the viewer  to collect and connect with the energy waves my paintings send out thanks for looking

i just carnt spell haahhahaahah my magic is done with a brush not a pen

freelance artist  Mark Toner gallery

370 thoughts on “About me

  1. Gorgeous work! Thank you for stopping by my page. My mother is an artist and has worked in many mediums. She is now in her 80’s and is working with pastels. I’m a novice blogger and appreciate that you stopped by!


    1. thanks and its great to see what other artist up too bring them altogether and we push art to a another stage .my work as come from many artist and lots of students minds al coming together making the painting theres no way i could have done this with out lookin at there works its been great thanks mark keep pushing


  2. Hello from Canada, I have just nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award, and the Lovely Blog Award. I’m not sure how the award part works, but you can choose to join the fun by giving a link to my page: http://graphicanthropology.wordpress.com/
    Then stating 7 facts about yourself and nominating 15 other bloggers. This is of course entirely voluntary. You can read my post here


  3. Your artwork is rediculously beautiful. Thank you sooo much for stopping by dirtywordlaundry.wordpress.com and “liking” my latest post. I find your usage of color inspiring and I’ll definitely be following you!


  4. I love your blog and I wanted to do something to really show my appreciation for all your beautiful photos and posts so, I’m giving you this award … the Beautiful Blogger Award. If you’d like to honor other bloggers with this award, you can see how to do that in the post at my blog. If you’d like to simply receive the award and enjoy the honor, that’s fine too. Just know that I think you’ve got a great blog and I thought all my followers should know it too. Have a great night! 😀


  5. Thank you for signing up for my post. I am a writer and I value the highest standards of literacy, for things that require this, but English is a very flexible beast and I am always amazed at what we can exchange with it. Text is not the only way to express ourselves and communication can use many tools. with your dedication to art, you may not get rich, but you are clearly having a rich life with it. cheers.


  6. Don’t know how I missed it but just noticed that you are now following art rat cafe – thank you, I am honoured my friend. Looking forward to seeing much more of your work right here…


  7. Mark no extra great need for you to worry too much about spelling. Humans cannot be great at everything there is within life to do.Many of us might become kinda obsolete too ,if it happened . Besides having art around , also gives so many of us some pleasure to see.


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