11 thoughts on “pigments at war

    1. hahaah thanks. pigments at war seem to be the right for whats happening in the painting pigments fighting for there place in the painting . its just the same thing whats happening around the world with people . thanks mark nice one

      1. thank you Mark for your comment and I guess forgot a word….it blows me away..but I guess you figured that out..;lol, i so enjoy your art…thank you for the like on my butterfly
        have a good weekend.

  1. you are incredibly talented Mark. i shared your blog on my facebook page because i firmly believe we must promote each other as artists. do you have prints, then? i would very much like one.

    1. thank you carol and for the share.promote each other is the way forwards . signed archival prints size s A5 to A1 straight from me just email marktoner1@hotmail.co.uk
      with the size and picture you want i will send around the world. thank you for your help .mark

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