homo sapiens to the present day colour thru time

homo sapiens to the present day colour thru time Painting has been the source of communication for as long as speech and was the only way of communicating at one time.  From Paintly marks that  meant many different things in the cavemen time their paintly marks of vision was first. Theses paintly marks have no class or higher rank there for every one and everyday use at this time. These paintly marks turn in to words as we evolved and then came righting with the energy from the rock  we have found new ways to communicate .It took many years to collect the color range we have today. We can also see the time change thru paintings and the color collection from all cultures coming together. A painting speaks to everyone and paints it self as come thru time and as evolved with us. Capturing emotions engaging people s feelings telling history paint it self is perpetual. Paint feeds of human emotions 


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