The process of painting begins with wood brought together with nails or dove joint. Connecting these together to construct a strong structure this alone brings some kind of connection with the artist he is creating some sort of life form or a window to anther dimension. Then we stretch the canvas on to the wood with staples bringing the canvas to a flat surface and great ground to work with already the feeling with the artist and the surface become one. Then we look for a primer to titan the canvas tension once more as we do this we can add many different colors. Using watercolors with the rabbit skin this dilutes great together when these two come together in the pot cooking the tones are rich vibrant colors at the same time we are looking for the ground surface to work on with color. When we apply this to the canvas it stretches more and becomes easier to work on it becomes like velvet and the feeling becomes more attractive we can also use emoltion paint for a primer this works good but I only use this when skint this seems to lose the connection am looking for with the canvas. Oils of all types make up a painting we have acrylic this seems to have some life at the begin then when dry it loses its life and becomes dull. We can mix’s this with a thinner that gives a luscious shine. But I prefer the real oil it never loses its shine and it feels like a tube of energy in my hands. And when applying this to the canvas the marriage begins and a life of energy is born we use many pigments to create color and theses come from all over the world s mines rock of all types . water and stone these or the two ingredients to making pigments  this is the energy is what am tar kin about it comes from the main source of energy the earth natures and the artist is bringing them back to gether to create a visual explosion of energy.

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