20 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. Hello, I’m not commenting on your post specifically (although I did admire your art and will come back to see more), just letting you know I visited here – and so might others who hadn’t before now – on my latest BLT (Blog Leap Tour). You may see a pingback link if you want to see how it went.
    Anyway, sorry to intrude.
    Best wishes 🙂

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      1. I think I’m going to have to drop the potted comment I leave on these, it’s obviously a bit impersonal!
        Sorry about that Mark. I will pop back to have another look at your art in more depth but it gets busy with comments on tour days!
        You may be interested to have a look at my photo alter ego at cornishbearsphotos.com just to convince you of my interest in the abstract and impressionist approaches!

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