pigments at war

just showing you how it looks i love it hope you do too thank you too everyone

Published by Mark Toner

i am manchester love this place and the people .am 49 years old and i still live with my mum and dad " work encapsulates the energy and movement of the artists brush across the many surfaces he uses as a canvas to paint upon. He lets his oil paints bleed and blend to form patterns and fractals reminiscent of the infinite shapes and colours found within the known universe. His paintings are created to invite the viewer’s subconscious to generate its own interpretations of what is being depicted, leaving the imagination to navigate through his web of abstract and surreal landscapes. "

19 thoughts on “pigments at war

      1. i find you art extremely interesting, do you actually paint the ripping or do you rip up painting, not that i mind it is your art do as you please..

        Just as mind, once i post a piece i aspect as open game..


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      2. making new colour with the pigments iv made and collected just love to paint with the work iv all ready created in the pigments once iv got the paint ready just let the pigments class and create colour like no other its amazing just too watch thanks chris for asking . mark

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      3. wow i love rocketman elton and i love all pinkfloyd everyday all day ahahah nice one chris am buzzing . i dont get on the computer much so could be late on replies sorry for that chris

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      1. So does that mean you don’t mind that i’ve used your art?

        i found that our art i very similar!

        That is the reason i could not resist, in creating that image video, i hope the choosing of music is a little to your liking?

        cheers an thank you

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