pigments at war

oil on glass
oil on glass

DSC01749 DSC01721 DSC01755pigments at war  prints or original works . please contact me thanks mark

Published by Mark Toner

i am manchester love this place and the people .am 49 years old and i still live with my mum and dad " work encapsulates the energy and movement of the artists brush across the many surfaces he uses as a canvas to paint upon. He lets his oil paints bleed and blend to form patterns and fractals reminiscent of the infinite shapes and colours found within the known universe. His paintings are created to invite the viewer’s subconscious to generate its own interpretations of what is being depicted, leaving the imagination to navigate through his web of abstract and surreal landscapes. "

34 thoughts on “pigments at war

  1. Gorgeous as always Mark…this is probably a dah question..what exactly do you do…using light underneath..you of course don’t have to tell me… I totally understand why you would not…either way this is a re-blog.. I love the softness of your work here…little different then your darker ones..

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    1. hi sherri the light bit came later in the work its just something i came across when investigating all kinds off surface with the oil when hot and what i was capturing at the same time . and light just give the pigments more life and many more moods thought out the day just fell in love with this way of painting oil on glass is magic . thanks sherri nice one mark

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  2. Thank you for liking “First Snow.” I enjoyed looking at these paintings. 🙂 I especially like the last one because it reminds me of waves in a cosmic ocean. I was reading some of the other comments, and I find it interesting that the daylight changes the color of the paintings.

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    1. its mesmerising and addictive there just getting better
      thank so much for you comment nice one its great too no that people like my work love it . mark


  3. Love you “Pigments at War” post. I also want to thank you for letting me know you liked my excerpt from Murder Sets Sail. I will be following you hoping to see more art. Thanks again and Aloha – pjs/

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      1. This is how spaced out I am sometimes…

        You know how you get those notifications in the mail that someone liked your blog? Below that is a brief paragraph, which I attributed to you originally. And then I got another notification and saw the same paragraph. Wait a minute, I thought. I’ve seen this before. So the words I attributed to as being “sweet,” were, in fact, computer generated thoughts.

        That’s what happens when you spend a lot of time laying on clouds, daydreaming!

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    1. thank you love your comment i have not thought of price but £ 300 should be cool and a realistic price for everyone too buy if like one to answer your other question the day light changes the paintings colour throughout the day this alone is magical to watch i all so have signed prints A1 size £ 60 not signed £40 straight from me thank so much for the support nice one . mark


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