16 thoughts on “pigments at war

      1. Long, long ago in a land far away I made a painting on glass, not as cool as yours by any means. I love glass, I collect handblown art glass. I like light coming through the deep saturated colors.


      2. hahaah thank you . glass and paint looks like a great marriage but it took time too get it right and too stay on the glass ahahah your right about the light its amazing watching the sun change the colours on the work .i have too work away from them they draw you in and out ahah get no work done haahah would gladly send you a some work no probs there let me no in the future . thank you mark


      3. I love your work Mark~ 😀

        lol That made me think of the line in “Eat, Pray, Love” where Elizabeth Gilbert goes to pray and she says, I paraphrase, “Hello God, I know I don’t talk to you much. I almost said, I am a fan of your work.”

        Most guys hateb this movie but I love it, and I thought that line was really witty.

        Kept making great art! Rock on! 😉



  1. Beautiful, what a great idea to use glass and light to enhance your color. I’m reminded of the artist Dale Chihuly glass works. Sharon


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