12 thoughts on “the wild cat

      1. Ah-ha! However, one should not run out of storage space in just a couple of years. I just went back to your site to see how big your pictures are, and therein lies your problem.

        Here’s how you can solve the problem.

        I looked at the “Oil painting table” post. You have ten pictures there. Here are how big they are:

        114,744 bytes
        112,349 B
        115,145 B
        82,519 B
        78,068 B
        95,273 B
        102,208 B
        112,135 B
        110,662 B
        112,277 B

        Total: Wow!

        Yet the maximize size picture in your blog is 620 pixels wide. Thus, what you are doing is uploading monster pictures to WordPress! That must take you an extraordinary amount of time and serves no useful purpose. What you are doing is using up lots of storage space while forcing WordPress to resize the pictures for your blog.

        Instead, do this: Before uploading your pictures, reduce them to 620 pixels wide. Then upload them. You’ll find that they upload almost instantaneously; no more waiting there. And with no degradation in quality because pictures on the Internet are usually 72 pixels per inch in quality, sometimes as high as 92 pixels per inch.

        So don’t waste all that storage space and time on quality that you’re not going to get anyway because WordPress does away with it when it resizes the pictures for your blog.

        You can see this for yourself by right clicking on any of your pictures. To see the size that you have uploaded, click on Properties. Now, click on “Save As” to save a copy of your picture. When I did that, the copy I got on my computer was 620 pixels wide and 112 KB. I took it to one of my many resizing programs, and resized it to 620 pixels (which it already was, of course), it came out only 67 KB, half the original size. Now do that for ten pictures and you can see how much storage space you are wasting, as well as time uploading those huge pictures.


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