painted this and love it iv captured the pigments has they fight for there place

miexed the pigents and painted this i love it
miexed the pigents and painted this i love it

Published by Mark Toner

i am manchester love this place and the people .am 49 years old and i still live with my mum and dad " work encapsulates the energy and movement of the artists brush across the many surfaces he uses as a canvas to paint upon. He lets his oil paints bleed and blend to form patterns and fractals reminiscent of the infinite shapes and colours found within the known universe. His paintings are created to invite the viewer’s subconscious to generate its own interpretations of what is being depicted, leaving the imagination to navigate through his web of abstract and surreal landscapes. "

72 thoughts on “painted this and love it iv captured the pigments has they fight for there place

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love this painting – it’s like stirring up everything to create a brand new beginning (although, thinking about it) I’m probably reflecting how I feel today, lol.


  2. Love your swirl of pigments – anything that creates movement in an artful way! You connected to my blog – thank you – abandoned my wordpress blog more or less in the past, so now I’ll try another go of it – but things have changed here, so if I do something duh, let me know:)


  3. This would be great to focus on for a meditation. Love it! Thank you for liking my soul truths blog!


  4. if I could paint like that I would love it too. Fantastic. So glad you liked “A Maiden Weeps” on Paper, Mud and Me. Hope you’ll be looking for he final product. I don’t know How it’s going to turn out, but we’ll see. – Blessings and Aloha.


    1. at the moment yes hahaah it was a shock when this happernd so had not much thought on name ing this piece but the wirlpool suits i think haha thanks mark


  5. This is beautiful… through your use of textures, you’ve accomplished the sense of wonderful depth. It almost look like a photograph. Good job!
    Oh, and thank you for visiting my blog recently for a quick visit. I hope you liked Benjamin’s art that I used to accompany it… but your time taken to visit is much appreciated…


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