72 thoughts on “painted this and love it iv captured the pigments has they fight for there place

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love this painting – it’s like stirring up everything to create a brand new beginning (although, thinking about it) I’m probably reflecting how I feel today, lol.


  2. Love your swirl of pigments – anything that creates movement in an artful way! You connected to my blog – thank you – abandoned my wordpress blog more or less in the past, so now I’ll try another go of it – but things have changed here, so if I do something duh, let me know:)


  3. This would be great to focus on for a meditation. Love it! Thank you for liking my soul truths blog!


  4. if I could paint like that I would love it too. Fantastic. So glad you liked “A Maiden Weeps” on Paper, Mud and Me. Hope you’ll be looking for he final product. I don’t know How it’s going to turn out, but we’ll see. – Blessings and Aloha.


    1. at the moment yes hahaah it was a shock when this happernd so had not much thought on name ing this piece but the wirlpool suits i think haha thanks mark


  5. This is beautiful… through your use of textures, you’ve accomplished the sense of wonderful depth. It almost look like a photograph. Good job!
    Oh, and thank you for visiting my blog recently for a quick visit. I hope you liked Benjamin’s art that I used to accompany it… but your time taken to visit is much appreciated…


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