75 thoughts on “an artist bedroom

  1. Thanks for liking “Dog World” and for sharing your fine art work. Hope other quips fit your interests and/or concerns. Keep up your great work and all the best in 2013!

  2. “Art is the signature of civilization!” – someone said that, don’t remember who. Awesome room, but where do you sleep? 😀 Thanks for following my fledgling blog!

  3. This is fantastic. I don’t think I will be able to tell my children to clean up their mess again…especially the one who is in art school!

  4. Absotively, possalutely amazing. Love it! Love it! Love it! This place is a mess is what my mother used to say ….l but I say ….. this mess is a place. A place for art!!! Thanks for the like over at my blog.

  5. thank you letting me in your bedroom, I know where to park my shoes and I can imagine you
    don’t get confused..I am just joking , what else can I do ..when your work is so many andthe blank sheet got glued..how can I help you :))

  6. thanks mark for liking my post ‘existentialism’. i like this picture, great energy in your bedroom, too much energy for sleeping, better suited for shagging! 🙂

  7. I love this!

    I hope you don’t mind; I am going to reblog this link on my new reblog page and recommended blogs page!


  8. Mark, thanks for letting me know you enjoyed my post! It means a lot to know that someone ‘out there’ has read my little blog and actually liked it. ;o)

    Your bedroom looks all too familiar to me…only my stuioffice is cluttered with textiles and yarn. I need to have color around me It is so much a part of who I am. I bet you feel much the same.

    1. ahhah i love the history iv have collected on my journey thru art and the colour came with a lot of time in the studio so deel the same yes i do ahahaha thanks mark

  9. Hi Mark, thanks for dropping by my blog and liking my post. I love your bedroom… especially the invisible guy in the middle of the room! Wishing you every success with your dreams, Michele

  10. Where’s the bed? Haven’t got to your site in awhile and am missing seeing your art – fantastic work – keep on truckin…and thank you for your visits to art rat cafe – much appreciated…

  11. Love this, but couldn’t sleep there. Obviously you have colorful dreams! My daughter’s floor used to look like this and I’m so glad it did! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by.

  12. Can’t imagine getting much sleep in the room! 🙂 Such a visual delight and very energetic. Wonderful.

  13. hey its really nice to see someone actually using oils… it seems most have gone the way of the acrylic… ( I myself am more of a graphite/color pencil person… but have used oils much in the past)

  14. my daughter is a budding artist and her room is a mess all the time – pencil shavings, scraps of paper… is this what I need to expect until she can afford her own studio? Thanks for liking my blog post.

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