37 thoughts on “marks and meaning

  1. Your paintings are so interesting! Love all the colors, this is one of my favorites. When I look at it my eye see trees/tree bark… something about the pattern in it and the vertical lines… Beautiful! 🙂


  2. Hi. Thank you for liking my blog! I love the vibrancy and balance of your art work. I have yet to have the courage to venture into oil painting (or, for that matter, water colour which does not have to look wishy washy!).


    1. hi its good to be connected thanks for the comment and
      all ways push your self if you think the oil as some kind of connection with you go with it the paint will take you the rest of the way hahahaah its great and thank you very much


  3. Awesome piece of art Mark! Really love it! Masterful strokes! There’s a saying out there claiming that one’s personality and character can be easily determined by studying his/her hand writing and/or painting. Man, if you paint this well; you must be the perfect gentleman! Hats off!


      1. i see the same this is because .before i start to paint i prepare the canvas with rabbit skin glue and i dilute this with some pigment .and then paint .its this that divides buth paints and gives this effect.thanks jeni love your thoughts


  4. This one is my favorite. I was looking earlier today and I swore I liked this one already. But I guess not. I have a day where I just kind of go through and fill my mind with new information. And that’s coming up soon. I’m excited to see what your site has to offer.


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