with the help from the best teacher in the world colin lloyd given me an experience of a life  time thanks very much for everything

Published by Mark Toner

i am manchester love this place and the people .am 49 years old and i still live with my mum and dad " work encapsulates the energy and movement of the artists brush across the many surfaces he uses as a canvas to paint upon. He lets his oil paints bleed and blend to form patterns and fractals reminiscent of the infinite shapes and colours found within the known universe. His paintings are created to invite the viewer’s subconscious to generate its own interpretations of what is being depicted, leaving the imagination to navigate through his web of abstract and surreal landscapes. "

4 thoughts on “originality

  1. Hey dude, thanks for swinging by my blog. I like you’re style, this one particularly catches my eye!


  2. Im drawn to this one, i love the colour! Funny how at school i used to draw like that and Art teacher said its not art! Arts in the eye of the beholder!! I could stare at this picture all day!


    1. ahhah thank you and you are right forget what the teacher says and the painting also has this affixed on me just love this flow its hard not to keep doing it its that attractive


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