close up

When we see a painting are visual wave s or physical property come together with are concave reflector waves and we make or own sound when looking at the picture and the painting comes alive. Just like when we use to watch black and white television  .we make the color of what’s not there up are self’s. And before that we made up what they were saying in silent moves their moment of the body and expressions on the faces sending visual waves to or core texts its like telepathic language but we now this movement and the signs. When listening to the radio there sound waves change or pictures in or heads the sounds of another could change the way you are feeling audio books we make up the pictures in or heads. This connection is the waves coming together as one to make up the full picture surrounding us in another dimension that were we are in charge off until the sound waves of another change are direction. We play the game charades and because we already have a massive collective of movement in are cortex we can read the movement and wave signals that are coming from another and work out what they or saying to us thru energy waves

When we listen to music we have some kind of imager projecting and flash pictures from or past. if we just relax and listen to the music the sound waves takes us to what we no and herd before .and the pictures of what you where doing at that time you first herd the tune come back like it was just happening  at this moment

close up.

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