endless worlds and marks throughout history

New objectivity movement everyday objects have form am going to pursue my personal vision with paint and surfaces to bring them all together to connect with all cultures and classes. This brings all my work that IV been creating   in the past 25 years together using the spiritual side and my self surrounding s   . Using contempry for the higher class of society and there academic world. Losing all perspective and composition with out generating a positive form. Also using biomorphic and geometric shapes. Juxtaposing different colours and surfaces.useing science Fractals in my work they have self-similarity just like butterflies wing and a sort of illonisations effect when putting these together. Also paintly marks and what these mean to each one and there cultures . fractals form every where  in nature even construction of everything we crate . So we start with the canvas I see that they’re many pieces on the floor going to waist so collected them altogether then started to paste using rabbit skin the canvas to the wall still not knowing what am going to do with them. 

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