nature will take back whats hers

nature will take back whats hers.

Published by Mark Toner

i am manchester love this place and the people .am 49 years old and i still live with my mum and dad " work encapsulates the energy and movement of the artists brush across the many surfaces he uses as a canvas to paint upon. He lets his oil paints bleed and blend to form patterns and fractals reminiscent of the infinite shapes and colours found within the known universe. His paintings are created to invite the viewer’s subconscious to generate its own interpretations of what is being depicted, leaving the imagination to navigate through his web of abstract and surreal landscapes. "

15 thoughts on “nature will take back whats hers

    1. iv havernt got much control when this happens its something i realy love the form and its . hidden messages of language that we have lost thro progress if thats what we call it ahahah hope this helps thank you mark


  1. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog. Looks like you have great talent for painting! I love the blues in many of them. Blue is my favorite color and I’ve noticed when I like a particular painting, it usually has lots of blue in it.
    Best wishes!


    1. ahahh it was just something i could not let go to dry the blue some kind magical but had to put it down to move forward haahh thanks mary love your blog


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