nature is king god save nature

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all the paintings on my the blog are up for offers  

68 Replies to “nature is king god save nature”

    1. haahh thank s the paintings all differ from size as you no but thay start from the £ 400 and onwards im happy with rent money at the moment hahaah thanks mark


      1. I don’t think my pics are great >< lol I look at those other people's blog on WordPress..gosh those people's photos are seriously amazing ! hopefully one day i can be like that too hahaaha


      1. You’re welcome Mark. you live in England? I’m from Indonesia. Thanks for visiting my blog as well. Nice to meet you 🙂


  1. I get a feel of urban graffiti in this work. The blue line that you took for a walk seems like spraypaint. Isn’t that what Paul Klee said: ”take a line for a walk”?


    1. hahaah im sorry this has been a long time geting back but i was not formally with paul s work so at weekend went and had a good look a thanks very much for the complements ahahah but still could not find in my research take a line for a walk and for the graffiti i love that very much thanks mark


    1. thanks for the beautiful comments the paintings come in all sizes but this dos not make one better then the other to me the all the same . and more then money its your appreciation for the painting thanks everyone .


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